$500 - $5000

Love and Relationships:
-improving your current relationship
-loyalty spells
-getting an ex back
-break up spells
-removing someone else's love spell
-attracting new love 
-bringing back past feelings
-taking relationships to a new level
-passion and obsession spells 
-engagement and marriage
-family and friendships
-any non-romantic or business relationships
-attraction spells for finding partners 

-getting a new job or a promotion
-starting a business
-bringing customers 
-money luck spells ​
-increasing your income
-a new extra source of income

Cleanse and Protection:
-removing negative energy
-healing spells 
-removing curses and black magic
-cleanses for love, money, health
-variety of protection spells ​
-temporary and permanent luck spells

Beauty and Attraction:
-beauty spells
-dropping a couple years biologically
-healthier hair, skin, body
-weight gain or weight loss
-spells to appear more confident and attractive
-physical alteration spells 
-overall attractiveness spell
-charms for dating, for work, for public

*All of these are just some examples so you have an idea of what I do. I offer spells for pretty much any issue. Everyone's situation is different and requires custom work. Usually I will offer you a series of spells, so that you can pick which ones work best for you. Tell me what would you like to achieve, and I can recommend or create spells for you. Everything is fully confidential and non-refundable. 

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