Witch Malice (Malisa) - a powerful spell caster, psychic and metaphysic. I've been practicing witchcraft since 2004, and working with clients performing magic spells and doing readings since 2011. I offer custom spells designed specifically for you to help you get anything you need in your life (Love, Money, Luck, Friendship, absolutely anything!) ​ 

My spells are different from what most spellcasters and psychics practice. I do have general spells that can be used for everyone, but usually every situation is different, so once you contact me and describe it, I will be able to give you my best recommendations to fix any of your issues. Email me and describe me your problem, so that I can give you a consultation and guide you through it.

Usually I'm able to find a solution to any situation, and I really care for you to get the results you are wishing for. Those who have worked with me know that I always stay in contact, and keep helping you until you're happy. If you're interested in doing a simple part of the spell yourself, on top of my work, you can request special spell instructions from me for faster and stronger results.