2020 update

The types of services and the speed have been leveled up as well as the prices. I can still help you even if your situation is normal and if you want the results to exceed or at least perfectly match your expectations. I am using new type of magic which would help bring you big positive changes so I don’t feel the need to offer regular spells anymore. Working with clients and helping people has been a beautiful experience that has taught me a lot and I’ll be forever grateful to those who have been with me through these years. I don’t have much time to be talking to clients on the regular basis right now but I still want to help people so I will still be doing psychic work only for those who really need my kind of knowledge and my power to change your life. The prices will be starting at $1K-$5K USD depending on what you’re asking me for. I’d rather do a one strong spell for you than many temporary ones. Free consultations may be available if I have time and if your case is worth my while, meaning if you have something interesting to offer me instead of money. I tend to notice people who have great possible potential even if you don’t really have anything to show right away. The pricing is set pretty high because of the greatness of the results. Doing spells using candles symbols and chants is in the past although it was a stage that I had to go through and learn from. I make things happen out of nowhere using nothing. If you’re interested in developing paranormal powers yourself or you need help with something big I may be able to give guidance. I will request the money only if I’m sure I can help you get what you want. I’ll give you approximate time frames as well. For anyone asking for free help whether I reply or not depends on my availability.

2nd option - my advice and one-time blessing. Different from the previous service because I won’t actually be working with you. If you’re lost, confused, or don’t know what to do about a certain problem or with your life in general - you can ask me for guidance. Email me saying you need an advice only. Pricing for this is $1K. I’ll tell you what to do to fix your situation and give you a one-time blessing to make you feel better and bring positive changes into your life. I will not be messaging with you back and forth so please let me know all of your questions and concerns right away. I’m not the type of person to say something random just for show, so expect a response from me only if I can actually tell you something meaningful or useful. I won’t have you pay me if I can’t really help you. 

How to get a consultation:
Please fill out the questionnaire and email me. 
  1. Describe what’s going on currently and what would you like to happen ideally?
  2. Why do you think that I’m the best person to help you? Is your situation special or is it pretty normal and you’re just interested in getting a strong spell?
  3. Are you interested in one-time service ($1K) or continuous work with me (up to $5K)?
  4. Optional - tell me a little about yourself. 

*For any of my returning clients the $5K service is available for $1000. New clients use discount code “2020” for 50% off. Offer expires on December 31st.